“Your Hypnobirthing course enabled us to inhabit a state of calm and truly believe that a positive birth experience was entirely possible and a completely normal thing to hope for. It was also through hypnobirthing that we learnt about home birth, not as some hippy and ‘brave’ concept but as something completely normal and natural. You were a huge part of our life changing moment and we will always have a huge place for you in our hearts” Georgie

“A huge thank you for today, we both enjoyed it and are feeling much more equipped and excited about another baby joining our family. My partner is totally bought in, in particular your calming voice sending him off to sleep” Victoria & Ben

“We can’t praise Lydia more highly for this course. She put us at ease instantly and created a safe environment for us to be open and honest about our fears and hopes going into our birth. The session then worked to dispel all those fears and arm us with the tools to prepare for all eventualities. It was brilliant that Lydia was able to come to our home as it was great to be able to start the practice here, like a rehearsal for the real thing” Miranda & Max

“Thank you so much for all of your support, knowledge and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. You helped me to feel empowered and take control of my own birth. I never imagined my birth plan would evolve so much throughout the pregnancy but you equipped me with the skills to handle the changes calmly and positively. We had an incredibly positive birth and without our hypnobirthing course with you I’d never have known that I had the power to create that. Thank you!” Emma & Rich

“Thank you Lydia for a really inspiring, reassuring and informative few days. We both found your style of practice very easy to engage with and appreciated your wealth of knowledge which you generously shared without ever feeling 'preachy' or too intense. Since doing the course we feel we are able to let go of any fear and look forward to putting your methodology into practice and enjoying the process” Frankie & Curtis

“We booked Lydia on a recommendation from a friend who doesn’t have kids but had listened to a couple rave about her so much that she felt the magic of their experience enough to remember and pass it on.

This confidence was exactly appropriate, Lydia has encyclopaedic knowledge which she gives over in a chilled, unstuffy way. From the very first contact I made after booking, when I had concerns about my baby being big, Lydia was right there with me disabling my fears and cheerleading me on. The course itself was packed with information and warmth. My partner, who wasn’t sold on hypnobirthing with my explanation, went on to compare everyone we encountered in the rest of our pregnancy to Lydia, ‘who everyone needs.’ Pumped with positivity, we elected for a homebirth and Lydia continued to support us. She rented the pool and sent it over before Christmas because I was panicking (even though I didn’t end up having my baby util February!). Lydia came over with baby Drew to see me when I was housebound at the end of my pregnancy and drew me an emotional map of labour over some tea and cake. When I went twelve days overdue, Lydia was one of the only people I was happy to hear from, her reassurance that he really was coming soon kept me going. Lydia was such an important part of the story of bringing Wyatt into the world, I couldn’t wait to tell her he was here and we’re all so grateful that we were sent her way.” Kat & Dave.

“This course should be standard practice for mums and partners to be to take away the fear factor of birth. Lydia is so lovely and a calming influence. It was nice to hear her experience and how Hypnobirthing supported her own two births” Becky

“Lydia’s course was informative and fun. I was immediately struck with the emphasis on positivity. I loved this, especially with my partner’s inclination towards over-thinking and worry. The skills learnt in hypnobirthing help counteract such negative thoughts with optimistic reassurance, and helpful meditation techniques, massage ideas for labour and calming exercises. The course also encourages you to make your baby’s birth yours. We feel in control now, and have even opted for a homebirth that I wouldn’t have thought in a million years we’d do. Had we not done Lydia’s hypnobirthing course we might have showed up at the hospital in labour and thrown ourselves down at their mercy. I have spoken to other Dads about this, who have resentment about the confusion surrounding hospitals and misinformation and wish they'd been more informed, and even said they wished they had done homebirths, too. Lydia’s hypnobirthing course offers confidence, knowledge and inspiration. I thoroughly recommend”  Dave

“The best part of the course was highlighting the birth partners role. Lydia is really warm and made it very easy to ask any questions” Nicola

“I’m feeling much more calm and trusting of my body, thank you” Cassie

“Your hypnobirthing course was by the far the best thing I did during my pregnancy; I came away from the lessons feeling knowledgeable about my options surrounding birth, confident and empowered.” Alice & Alistair

“Thank you Lydia for coming to our home today, we really had a lovely day and deeply enjoyed the course! I didn't expect this from my 'rational' partner at all, but your approach really won him over. We felt like this was a fully tailored session, answering all the needs we'd shared with you. We also both felt super comfortable and at ease around you. It was just really lovely. We both already feel so much more ready for it. I've already recommended you to a friend and will be sure to tell all the mums-to-be I know how fantastic your teaching is and how lovely you are. Thank you again” Aurora & Paul

“We absolutely loved every second of our evening classes and are both in a completely different place now to when we started, you’ve opened our eyes to a new world of calm and control. We just feel we have so much knowledge now, more than we could have imagined. Really thank you so so much, you were a superstar. So calm and clear and gave us just the right information and have just been incredibly kind and thoughtful. Thank you again and again.” Georgie & Oli - second time parents

“I am so, so happy we chose to go with the home birth. You have been pivotal to making this all happen and making this such a positive experience for us and I am forever grateful for all you have done for me” Beth & Jeremy

“We felt calm and together because we felt informed and knew what to expect. I didn’t know how pivotal hypnobirthing was going to be to our labour” Josie & Adam

“I found your course great, so relaxed and informal and really felt we could open up and chat and I loved that Mark did as well. I'm starting to listen to the tapes more and love the idea of a little bag of bits for the hospital to help calm and soothe me. I know Mark and I feel that much more prepared for just having open discussions about birth with you and the other couples these past couple of weeks!” Jennifer & Mark

“The course empowered us as a couple, to understand how we could take control - where needed - of each step of the birthing process. We were able to pre-empt scenarios at the hospital, and this enabled me to support the environment that Alice needed to maintain, to keep her calm and relaxed throughout” Alistair & Alice

"We had such a great weekend, we both found it so beneficial and are so pleased we found you, it was a pleasure to have you in our home (and the cats liked you!). I put my breathing into good practice yesterday before my Haematology appointment which was great and really helped " Alexa & Dave

"What a weekend! We had the best time at Lydia's on a two day Hypnobirthing course. We would highly recommend it to all new mums to be and anyone pregnant. If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and just do it! We feel so confident and knowledgeable, Thank you Lydia! We can't wait to get poppet out now!" Danielle & Tom

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the class! We had a great time, learnt so much and already feel much more calm and in control over my pregnancy and the birth to come. I will be recommending you to a few of my friends who have just told me they are also pregnant! “Hannah & Martin

“Thank you! We are really excited about the course. I have been so nervous about the birth and I already feel better after just an hour. We can't stop talking about it! I think my partner feels less like a spare part which is what was worrying him." ( taster session feedback) 

“I just want to say a big thank you for your course. I honestly felt like I’ve come away really excited about what’s to come and have a lot less anxiety about giving birth. I know Dave has also come away feeling like he knows his role too so he now feels a lot more connected to the pregnancy!” Becky & Dave .

“As novices to hypnobirthing we found Lydia to be very informative, supportive and knowledgeable. The course is really interesting and easy to understand. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we're enjoying the "homework". We've found ourselves feeling excited and looking forward to the birthing experience rather than feeling worried and anxious” Rachael & Sam

“I just want to say that we both loved the two days and all the information that we received from you. I had many questions in regards to labour and ways to prepare for it before the course, you answered them and even more. All the books and comfort bag info are a massive help, now we just need to practice and it’s been great so far. I feel so calm during the exercises that you taught us, I think they help even on a daily basis not just pregnancy and labour. Robson also enjoyed learning more about how he can support me during this process and make me feel safe. You are amazing holding this course, I’ve never seem someone talking with such passion about this and you do it so well. Andrea & Robson

“We absolutely loved the course and would recommend to everyone. Jack’s really embraced it and feels what we have learnt is adaptable to all aspects of our life. He also feels more able to support me through the pregnancy and birth, I feel more confident and calm about the process having been quite overwhelmed and worried about the whole thing. We thought you were such a calming and peaceful teacher while being incredibly informative and to the point. There had been slight cynical moments before hand hearing some stories from other Hypnobirth experiences and this course dispelled all of that and was completely what we needed for ourselves and our own journey” Lizzie & Jack

“I was feeling very anxious about the birth before the course, but I now feel equipped with the tools and techniques for a positive birth experience. Lydia was warm, friendly and very down to earth. I highly recommend this course!” Samantha

“Thanks so much for an amazing day today! I learned so much and I am feeling super excited about the birth. You’re such a good teacher and put things in such a down to earth and easy to understand way. Thank you!” Jo & Josh

“We had our course with Lydia at our home, which was so relaxing and lovely. It was a lot of interesting and useful information to take in alongside learning the techniques. I have really started our Hypnobirthing practise off on the right foot. I’m genuinely excited about this journey, which is a big deal coming from a pretty anxious mum of one who had a crap time first time around. I really am looking forward to it which is such a surreal thing for me.I was scared all the way through my first pregnancy and birth. I feel like this one’s going to be so different” Lucy & Sam