Group Workshops

Group Hypnobirthing Workshops are held in the comfortable surroundings of The Honor Oak Wellness Rooms

Group sizes are kept small and made up of 4 couples at the most -the price of the course is for both you and your birth partner. 


An ideal time to attend a course is when you are around 20 weeks, but you will be welcome to join whenever you feel the time is right for you.

Included in the price of £295 is your course handbook in digital format, relaxation tracks (including one specifically for your birth partner) and ongoing support by phone or email as needed.

Below is a summary of what will be covered :

  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing, addressing and overcoming fear and anxiety around childbirth

  • Restore confidence in your body and feel prepared for birth - learn how to let your mind and body work together in harmony

  • Learning self hypnosis -discussing expectations, how and what to practice together at home.

  • Learning effective breathing techniques and other effective tools to help you and your birth partner to remain calm

  • Learn stress management techniques to support a calm birth

  • How the birthing environment can affect birth, learning how to create a positive birthing environment

  • Your birthing choices - Interventions that may be offered to you and how to make informed decisions about these.

  • Learn practical comfort measures for labour and birth

  • The important role of the birth partner and how they can maintain your positive birthing environment.

  • The emotional stages of labour and what to expect


For a better birth story

At what stage of my pregnancy should I join a course?

A good time to book a course is when you are past 20 weeks, so you can then enjoy the benefits of a positive mindset during pregnancy as well as at the birth of your baby, and importantly have plenty of time to practice. Hypnobirthing is not something you 'switch on' during labour - all the work is done well before so it will become second nature. 

However, it is never too late and you will benefit at any stage. If you are very late in your pregnancy, please get in contact to discuss and I would help to support you as much as possible.


Empowered, calm and in control

Do I need to attend a course, or can I just read a book?

There are lots of Hypnobirthing books available and online resources, so you may wonder if you need to join a course. Some women may find reading a book and practising alone is enough, but for many women it is not. With anything, practical experience is always invaluable, if you think of a learning pyramid we retain 10% of the information we read and 75% through practice by doing. Having a teacher enables you to get the most from the course, as you can explore and ask questions as you go along.

What if my partner is reluctant to join a course?

It is totally understandable that your partner maybe unsure or even nervous about attending a course - Hypnobirthing is pretty misunderstood. The reality of the course is always a bit different to expectations- in a positive way! The course is practical, down to earth and logical. Partners are left with a really clear understanding of their role and how to support their partner. A calm, confident and knowledgeable birth partner can make all the difference to your birthing experience. Below is some feedback that partners may find reassuring!

“Lydia’s course was informative and fun. I was immediately struck with the emphasis on positivity. I loved this, especially with my partner’s inclination towards over-thinking and worry.” Dave

“The biggest benefit was for my partner who was really nervous about his role in the birth. Lydia taught him how important he was too and he went from a nervous wreck to my absolute rock” Lauren

“My partner Tom thought it was ‘hippy shit’ then soon realised it was amazing. It’s now his talking point if people say they are expecting he can’t wait to encourage them to get hypnobirthing! He loved it and I loved watching him learn” Danielle

“My partner came reluctantly to this on the basis that it was just two sessions rather than NCTs 6 sessions. and he left telling all his mates about it, saying he could not believe anyone would rock up to a labour without having done it, total hypnobirthing (Lydia Barlow) convert and advocate who’s been able to participate in every midwife appointment since making his own informed choices and feeling confident in how he can support me” Kat

“The course empowered us as a couple, to understand how we could take control of each step of the birthing process. We were able to pre-empt scenarios at the hospital, and this enabled me to support the environment that Alice needed to maintain, to keep her calm and relaxed throughout” Alistair

“Thank you Lydia for coming to our home today, we really had a lovely day and deeply enjoyed the course! I didn't expect this from my 'rational' partner at all, but your approach really won him over” Aurora

“My husband wasn't entirely convinced but then came to the sessions he was 100% on board and encouraged all the practise and for me to use the Hypnobirth techniques throughout my pregnancy and some pre birth procedures which I needed. Birth partners are so so important” Jenny